Surround Terms & Conditions

An Appreciation Of Limestone & Coloured Marble, Natural Wood Veneer & Solid Wood

Coloured marble and limestone have been formed over millions of years and are prone to fossils and other natural inclusions such as open veining and pitting caused by air pockets.

These features are of no detriment to the marble or limestone. Generally speaking the more “figure” limestone and marble contains the greater need for reinforcement, repair and filling in one form or another. Such repairs are not to be regarded in any way as defects.

In the course of developing a quarry, considerable variation often occurs in the colour and veining of limestone and marble when extracted. For this reason, close uniformity of appearance is not natural and should not be expected. When for reasons of size, limestone and marble have to be made in two or more pieces. Due to this, it is sometimes impossible to match the grain and colour exactly when the fireplace is assembled.

Most of the fireplaces are handmade and as such are subject to a 3mm tolerance and variations will, undoubtedly occur. Upon installation bonding and caulking will be required to provide a perfect finish and seal. This can be provided by our installation or any competent installation engineer.

Those who see perfection in other walks of life should understand that the very imperfection of coloured marble and limestone is often one of its most beautiful and essential features and is what separates these materials from man-made products.

Your fireplace will not have the same graining, shade or fossils as the display fireplace you have seen. The only thing that will remain the same is the design as per the display model. We hope you enjoy your chosen fireplace for many years to come.

All the above actually applies to timber in a very similar way. From one tree to another, the grain will be different and this is for solid wood surrounds or veneer surrounds (veneer is a natural sheet of wood). Again your fireplace will not have the same appearance in grain or markings as the display model and the colour will be slightly different.