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The Parts of a Fireplace

Fireplace components

There are a few terms your should understand before you can select your new fireplace with confidence. We could go into "cheeks" and "corbels" but for our purposes wwe shall just explain the terms you need to know to make an informed decision.

  • Fireplace. This is the name given to the entire focal point. This can be broken down into three main components; the surround, the fire and the trim and fret.
  • Fire Surround. As the name suggets, this is the part of the fireplace that surrounds the fire. It usually comprises the mantelpiece, surround, backpanel and the hearth.
  • The Mantelpiece. This is the large flat, horizontal upper surface of the fire surround - the place where ornaments usually sit.
  • The Back Panel. The section of fire surround which sits vertically up against the wall. The central section of the back panel is cut away to make way for the fire itself.
  • The Hearth. This is the large slab that sits on the floor infront of the fire, it's original function was to catch coals falling from the fire.
  • The Fire. Obviously, this is the section of the fire place that sits inside the opening and creates the fire. The "fire" does not included the trim and fret, just the hotbox and burner.
  • Trim. The detail that goes around the fire itself, creating a pictureframe effect.
  • Fret. The detail that sits on the hearth around the front of the fire obscuring the controls.

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