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The quality of wood you burn is very important regarding how your wood burner or multi-fuel stove burns. With poor quality wood even the best DEFRA approved stoves will burn poorly. It is recommended that dried logs are used, that of 20% or less moisture, as this will lead to the fire burning more efficiently and cleaner. 20% or less moisture logs are backed via the DEFRA supported Woodsure “Ready to burn” scheme, and so are easy to spot via the logo.

All stoves we offer at Easy Fireplace are DEFRA approved, meaning they have been approved by the Department of Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). They were tested on the levels of emissions and smoke it produces.

Burning high quality dried logs on a DEFRA approved stove is the way to ensure your stove is being as clean and efficient as can be. Logs containing less than 20% moisture are two times more efficient than those with over 45% moisture. The more efficiency means less wood is required to generate the same heat and burning longer so less trips spent feeding the fire, ensuring that you can relax once the fire is burning.

Some types of wood we recommend are well seasoned wood, which is wood that has been dried out over the summer, after being cut into small logs and stored in a dry place under cover. This allows the air to flow through it, drying the logs. Kilns dried is another way the logs can be dried. They are dried in a kiln, making the moisture be sucked out faster than the well seasoned method.

Burning logs with higher moisture content will cause the stove to be less efficient, as the heat is wasted heating up and evaporating the water. Burning wet logs will also cause the fire to smoulder, which leads to lots of tar and smoke. This is bad for the environment, as well as leading to a dirty stove.

It is important you service your stove every year by a qualified engineer, this keeps it in warranty and ensures that it is working up to standard and as efficiently as possible. We also recommend getting your chimney swept, this will remove any soot and any blockages, helping the smoke pass through the chimney easily, which will prevent your stove not achieving its maximum efficiency.

For a service and chimney sweep at £90.00 from our HETAS approved engineer, or for a free home survey if you are looking for a new fire, stove or fireplace, please contact the showroom on 01484 644464 or visit us at Easy Fireplace at

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