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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Does an open gas fire need a hearth?

Yes. Unless the fire manufacturer’s instructions specifically state otherwise, all open fires (solid fuel or gas) need a hearth.

How big does a hearth have to be?

A hearth should extend forward from the fireplace opening 300mm (12”) and 150mm (6”) either side of the fireplace opening. These measurements are taken from the front of fireplace opening or, where the fire itself is recessed into the opening, from the front of the burner.

Hearths for fireplaces and stoves must be at least 50mm (2”) deep and manufactured from non combustible material.

It is very important when ordering a fireplace and hearth that the hearth is fit for purpose. A hearth that is suitable for an electric fire isn’t always suitable for a gas fire.

I don’t want to renew my carpet. Can a hearth be made to fit?

Yes, made to measure hearths are available from ourselves but their dimensions must comply with those detailed in Q2 earlier.

Hearths can be made to any size to suit the product/appliance that you are having installed with it.
Don’t want to change your carpet or wooden floor? No worries! Bespoke is what we do best!

Does my open gas fire need a guard?

A suitable fire guard is recommended for all open gas fires for the protection of the young, infirm, elderly and pets. A fire guard not only prevents hot material from falling from the fire but also prevent clothing from coming into contact with the flames.

What materials and colours are available for mantels, surrounds and hearths?

A wide range of materials are suitable for mantels and surrounds but only relatively few materials are suitable for hearths. Marble surrounds, mantels and hearths are usually displayed to demonstrate their style and colour compatibility and there are usually many alternative colours and finishes. We are able to provide further information and visual options in our showroom.

Please feel free to drop in to view all the options open to you.

What you see you don’t have to accept! Bespoke made to measure and in any of our colour options for you and your home!

I live outside of Huddersfield & West Yorkshire. Can I still purchase one of your fireplaces?

Yes, we can deliver anywhere in mainland UK and we offer an installation service to certain areas along the M62 corridor.

Can you manufacture the fireplace to my sizes?

Yes, we manufacture every fireplace to order so it can be made to your exact size and requirements. In an off the peg world, Live Bespoke. Envy!

Do I need to redecorate?

No not if you don’t want too. We can make your fireplace suit you and your home. We make all the fireplaces on ordering to your requirements!

Are lights on the fireplace optional?

Yes and they add a great feature to any room.

Do you have a choice of materials to select from?

Yes, you can select from limestone, travertine and marble with each one having numerous different colours to choose from. You can also mix the stones and colours to a design of your choice. Visit our showroom for examples.

How much will it cost me for installation?

Installation is always subject to survey. Our home surveys are free of charge so you get to know exactly what the cost will be before you place a penny on the table.

What about my existing fireplace and fire?

We will take out your existing fireplace and fire for you on the day of the installation.

How quickly do you supply and install?

We aim for 3-4 weeks from start to finish

What happens if it needs plastering?

We can organise plastering for you, no problem. Also some of our installers are plasterers as well.

Can I choose the date I want for installation?

Yes, as long as the date is available and the products will be ready for you

Do you employ your fitters?

No, our installers are part of the company family! The company family are engineers and suppliers that we have used for many years and you will get the best experience at the very best price guaranteed. Engineers that are employed directly doesn’t mean anything it is all about the service and commitment we all have to you and your home.

How long will it take to complete the installation?

The majority of fireplaces take around half a day to a full day depending on the products purchased.

Can you build me a chimney breast?

Yes we can construct a full chimney for you and even plaster it for you as well. The full job all in house and arranged by ourselves for you.

Can you remove my back boiler?

Yes we can take out your back boiler.

Do you install on Saturdays and Sundays?

Yes when free and the products are available.

I have an old liner in my chimney can you remove it?

Yes we can take out your old liner and if required supply and install a new one for you.

I have been told my chimney has failed can I still have a gas fire?

Yes, we just need to install a liner for you.

I don’t have a chimney or flue can I still have a gas fire?

Yes, you can have a balanced flue gas fire which can be as a hole in the wall or inset into a fireplace.