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Easy Fireplace Stove Scrappage Scheme Starts January 2019 – Get Ready!

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Our very own stove scrappage scheme is coming into play due to the recent paper reports on stoves and how harmful they are. We are not doing this for sales we are doing this to base fact around fact and have our customer and future customers understanding exactly why they are doing something and why they are buying something and not just because they have been told to do so by politicians or press.

This is based on helping you our customer and future customers understand more about the benefit of using a Defra approved stove/EcoReady Stove alongside the correct fuel.

We bring to you information, research and tests that will show the facts rather than political spin and propaganda along with miss information.

We are bringing to you the knowledge and stoves of tomorrow right here today!

There has been a lot of recent talks and discussions around wood burning stoves especially from London where air pollution is an issue and they are looking to improve air quality for all.

The problem comes when ALL stoves and wood burning are put under the same banner and category.

From the 2015 DECC Domestic Wood Usage Survey revealed that 70% of the wood burnt in London is on open fires. Independent research carried out by a well placed and certified consultancy, testing and inspection company called Kiwa who are also approved to test wood burning appliance in the UK shown that EcoDesign Ready Stoves can reduce particulate emissions by 90% compared to an open fire and 80% compared to a stove of 10 years old or more.

So from the research and information at hand do we really need to classify and categorise all wood burning under the same umbrella?

Information & Knowledge

Particulate emissions are the organic particles that come from the incomplete combustion of wood. The particulate emissions is what we are all wanting and needing reduced in our air to enhance health and quality of life to yourselves, families, neighbours and all.

To make the point I personally do not see that government is wanting to ban stoves, far from it. What the government is wanting is customers to be assured that the product they are buying is of the cleanest quality when burning wood and they use the cleanest fuel.

The Clean Air Strategy for 2018 is available on line to view and makes the point clear that the governments objective is to raise awareness. Awareness is what sensible and qualified retailers should also be doing which is why we are doing the Stove Scrappage Scheme starting in January 2019.

What can you do today to help tomorrow?

Straight away no matter what appliance you have or open fire you have please start using the right fuel. One initiative introduced and launched this year 2018 was the Ready To Burn Logo.

The Ready To Burn Logo is there to help you make a valued purchase and an informed one.

It is widely known that burning wet wood produces more pollution and sooty deposits whilst being less efficient as it takes more energy to burn off the water first before producing the heat so the question is why would you use wet wood?

The Ready To Burn is a government backed scheme put in place that guarantees the wood you buy has a water content of less than 20% meaning less moisture, more energy, more heat, less fuel used to heat you and your home! To back up the Ready To Burn logo the supplier goes through tests to ensure they meet the set criteria that is set to ensure you get exactly what you are wanting – more heat and less fuel costs!

To find out more please contact us direct or drop into our showroom for a brew and chat about where you see yourself going with your heating options.

Easy Fireplace Stove Scrappage Scheme Starts January 2019 – Get Ready!

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