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Easy Fireplace General Helpful Hints & Tips To Our Customers & Future Customers – Get Ready!

#GiveBack #TogetherStronger #ProtectingOurEnviroment #YouAndYourProperty #StayingSafe

#Neighbours #SharingKnowledge #StayingWarm

Easy Fireplace is more than just a showroom!

With our #GiveBack Policy in the business put in place many years ago by our owner Christopher Worsley Community is at the forefront of what we are all about! You will notice we use the #TogetherStronger wording often as this reminds us that knowledge shared and passed onto others enables everyone to be an individual decision maker and a master of their own destiny and what better feeling to assist someone in their lives by giving them a helpful hand and a little bit of knowledge.

In our industry we feel we are more than just a fireplace showroom. We are the centre of your home and the hearth that provides you with warmth and a gathering place! With this in mind we look at other areas of your home to see what knowledge we can pass to you to enhance your lives and help you stay safe and develop.

Some facts are not meant to scare they are meant to highlight potential bad habits and weaknesses in your home so please take them on board and we hope they assist you moving forward.

When the dark nights come up on us we develop bad habits and continue habits from the summer months when we had more light and what feels like more time. In the winter months it is know that crime rises as longer evenings make houses easier to burgle. It is vital we make our homes secure and work on some basic skills to deter thieves.

  • Leave lights on in the home in early morning and late afternoon. Not only is it nice to have the home greeting you when you walk in but lights on are a deterrent to burglars as they will presume someone is home! Leave a radio on as a basic rule if you are returning after dark as this will deter burglars and place doubt in their mind.
  • Always lock your doors when going out if only for 10 minutes as your insurer may refuse an insurance claim due! A basic rule should be to lock your doors if you’re in the house to prevent any issues and problems.
  • Never leave a spare key outside as you will be amazed what a potential burglar knows and predicts as a safe place for hiding. Even a thief thinks outside the box to enable an easy job so please don’t assist as your safe place we can guarantee is not a safe place at all.
  • Alarms use it! You will be amazed how many people have a burglar alarm but don’t put it on when going out!
  • Fit window locks as you will be shocked to know that around a third of burglars get in through a window!
  • Lock side gates to reduce the opportunity of a burglar walking around the house looking for weak points and a quiet location.
  • Lock Garden Sheds and Garages as thieves may use garden tools to get into your house and its like giving them assistance so please lock up your sheds and garages as a basic rule.

Above are some basic skills we should all enhance and refresh in our routines and homes.

We are here to support, and I would thank you if you passed on this information to allow others to read these basic skills. Your neighbour… you know them……have you spoken to them?

Your neighbour can be the best support you could wish for. It may seem noisy but if they know you work and rough times you are in and out during the week then they are able to keep an eye out for you and listen out for any strange noises. Neighbours and relationships with neighbours have diminished over the years and this has only enhanced a burglar’s opportunity. If you heard your neighbours alarm go off, would you do anything or just class it as noise pollution as today’s society classes it?

Let us start helping each other for the benefit of all.

#TogetherStronger #Neighbours #GiveBack #SharingKnowledge #StayingSafe

Easy Fireplace More Than Just A Fireplace Showroom!

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