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Easy Fireplace Gas Fire Scrappage Scheme Starts November 2018 – Get Ready!

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Our very own Gas Fire scrappage scheme is coming into play in November 2018 to help cut Fuel Poverty in our homes.

Our aim is to help you cut your fuel bills and provide the right amount of heat for you and your home ensuring you make short and long term savings on your energy bills.

You are not expected to overhaul your heating systems and anyone on a budget can still improve your property heating and energy bills if you are guided and informed correctly which we are here to help you with.

We are here to protect our customers and future customers long term goals and requirements. The first stage is understanding exactly how and why you use your energy. We have created a set pattern and guide in our showroom to ensure you select the correct appliance for you and your home meaning your energy bills will only go one way and that’s down!

We are bringing to you our knowledge and experience and with over 6000 customers we are here to help!

Information & Knowledge on the Gas Fire Scrappage Scheme.

Gas Fire Scrappage Scheme that is implemented by Easy Fireplace and backed by our #GiveBack policy allows any customer with a gas fire or gas stove that fits the criteria to receive on completion of the works a £50.00 Cash Back!

To fit the scheme you will need to have the appliance installed by ourselves and one of the following

  • A gas fire or gas stove which is 10 years old or more.
  • An in efficient gas fire.
  • A pensioner or retired person living in the house where the fire will be installed.
  • An electric fire in place and moving to a gas fire/stove to improve efficiency and heat output.
  • No fire in place and require an efficient gas fire/stove with good heat output

The fires the scheme is open to are listed in the showroom and on display for you to view and chose from. A brief overview is listed below –

  • Vision Inset H.E Glass Fronted Slide Control Gas Fire Range
  • Paragon Open Fronted High Efficient Gas Fire Range
  • Robinson Willey Outset Gas Fire Range
  • Valor Outset Gas Fire Range
  • Flavel Outset Gas Fire Range
  • Vega Gas Stove Range

What can you do today to help tomorrow – Hints & Tips on saving energy and money in your home?

  • Turning down your thermostat by just 1 degree saves around £85.00 a year.
  • One in Five Boilers Breakdown each year so please ensure they are well maintained and you have a plumbers number to hand so you can prevent any high call out charges. Build that repour with the engineer so that when the time comes that you need them you won’t be over charged.
  • Service your gas fire/stove every 12 months to ensure warranties are kept upto date and the fire and chimney is working efficiently.
  • Moving your domestic energy supplier – very easy to do so and we are more than happy to guide any of our customers in the showroom and all you need to do is bring down your existing supplier bills and we can compare and move it for you.
  • Among the slightly bigger changes you can make is investing in a smart control (From £100.00 upwards depending on the functions required) for your heating allowing you more control on your heating temperature and times it comes on and off allowing you to turn your heating on & off from your phone.
  • Is your loft insulated? This can save you money and there are some grants available to assist with this.
  • Insulate the ceiling in the cellar if applicable and or your under floor space with insulation to reduce the draft and cold air rising into the room you are heating.
  • Don’t block off your radiators with furniture or drape curtains over them. This will improve the heat output of your radiators allowing you to reduce the thermostat and save money.
  • Keep your room doors closed and add draught excluders where required to reduce heat loss in the room again allowing you to reduce the thermostat and save money.
  • Ensuring your chimney is swept and clean will allow your gas appliance to work more efficient and also covers you on the insurance front as upswept chimneys that catch fire are likely to be un insured so please ensure you use a professional sweep and get your certificate.

To find out more please contact us direct or drop into our showroom for a brew and chat about where you see yourself going with your heating options.

T&Cs – Gas Fire Scrappage Scheme can not be used in conjunction with any other offers or deals. The Gas Fire Scrappage Scheme is to support and assist current or future customer with fuel poverty and is to enhance their lives.

Other advice and support can be sourced via different channels, please see below –

Age UK – 01484 535994

Energy Saving Advice Service (Government Funded Service) – 0300 123 1234

KNH (Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing) – 01484 414886

Kirklees Council – 01484 221350

Easy Fireplace Gas Fire Scrappage Scheme Starts November 2018 – Get Ready!

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